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To Tha' Core....And Your Exterior...You Are Lovely.

And to all who oppose...Fuck 'Em!!!

Think you're Lovely???
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Whether you're black or white (and all those colors in between). Slender or thick and you're a Hot Ass Bitch (and you know it), then you probably belong here. If you think you got it like that then come on in. Just read the guidelines and apply.



Application Rules

1. We don’t give a fuck what size you are. If you’re a Hot/Sassy/Lovely Bitch, then you might belong here. So how about you come and see? We’ll be nice.

2. You must be 14 yrs old or older to join. We do not feel like dealing with your bouts of puberty. Kthnx. Nude photos are allowed, however; you must be at least 18 years old to post them. Please give us a warning AND put them behind lj-cut. It’s fucking embarrassing opening those up in front of people and they think you’re looking at porn.

3. If you’re going to join, please make sure you know the basics of html and lj codes. It’s not hard. I promise. And if you find this at all difficult then there’s a huge possibility that you do not belong here. When applying, put all your shit(photos & apps) behind LJ CUT. I'll ask you nicely the first time. After that, I'm deletin' your post and you can start over. :D

4. Please include at least 4 face shots (clear ones) and 1 body shot. Please use a photo hosting site. www.photobucket.com is a great one. Don’t make us click on links. We wont do it.

5. You must fill out a short application (it's at the bottom). It’s short because we don’t want to hear your life story. We just want the basics so we can get to know you a little. Don’t skip any questions. You don’t want to do that.

6. Refrain from commenting in any entry other than your own until you are stamped. thnx.

7. Your app stands for 72hrs. That'll change when we get more members. If you're not stamped when 72hrs is up, a mod will decide on your app. If you are rejected, you may reapply in 1 week. Please post different photos. There’s a reason why we said "no" the first time. After the second time, forget it.

8. This is more like a disclaimer than a rule: After submitting your pictures, you are willingly subjecting yourself to criticism and possible hurt feelings. But, we’ll try and be nice. Smile.

Member Rules

1. TRY to be nice when voting. Please do not to let your ignorance get in the way of your voting. (i.e "I’m saying no because, your choice of music sucks, I hate the way you type, it hurts my eyes, and blah blah blah.) And if those things are going to be deciding factors in your vote, please refrain from saying so. I guarantee you’ll get a pissed off applicant. Absolutely NO voting based on ethnicity and race, etc.

2. We don’t care how many times per week you decide to cam whore but, please try not to exceed more than 4. If you must post pics more than 4 times a week, they better be damn good ones.

3. We do what everyone else does, theme week. Fun, right? Of course. Please feel free to throw in a few ideas. Talk about your day, share your joy with us and blah blah blah. Doesn’t that sound nice? And hey if you win theme week, I’ll send you one of these:

Well...No, not really. But it's cute, isn't it?

4. We don’t care how Hot you are, do not start any drama. You’ll be banned. This is the internet it’s not that serious.

5. Rep your community damnit. You can post your stamp on your user info page. And hell, even if we reject you, promote as well.

Member Application

Name (nicknames too):



Relationship Status:

Size (No, we don’t really care we’re just nosy):

Favorite color:

Favorite type of music:

Describe yourself in three words:

What’s the bitchiest thing you’ve ever done:

The sweetest thing:

Why should we make you a Hot Ass Bitch:

What makes you a hot ass bitch:

So tell us, does your milkshake really bring all the boys to the yard:

And if so, is it better than mine:

Do you even like that song:

Promote us to atleast one person or be execute:

This community is new and we're just gettin' started. SO, for all you applicants and members, please be patient. And remember, once you're stamped....remember to stay active and vote!!! Thank you! :)