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hehe im new... ::crosses fingers::  =)=)=)



Name (nicknames too): Katie, k-dawg (hehe) kt

Age: 16

Location: good ol Bakersfield, Cali

Relationship Status: involved.
Size (No, we don’t really care we’re just nosy): 5'10, 20-22
Favorite color: purple

Favorite type of music: punk=)

Describe yourself in three words: quick, outgoing, fun
What’s the bitchiest thing you’ve ever done: outed my gay friend cause i was mad at him :-/

The sweetest thing: my best friend was in the hospital and i had a big surprise get well party for him

Why should we make you a Hot Ass Bitch: cause cause... i am one=)

What makes you a hot ass bitch: my hard to get shyness.

So tell us, does your milkshake really bring all the boys to the yard: often.

And if so, is it better than mine: maybe...

Do you even like that song: depends on my mood ;)
Promote us to atleast one person or be executed: yes sir.

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Of corse :-)
The first pic is hot btw...
Yes. I love the 2nd pic. I think you're so cute. :)
hehe.. thankies. =)=)
There's something about you that I like, so yes...
...but I want proof that yo a "dawg", foo! F'real.
outing someone isnt cool,
thats a definete no from me.

but it looks like you'll get in anyways ;P
i do like the first pic though but thats about it..
sure thing.
lol...I'm all late...but I love the third picture of you