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i am become

i am a hot bitch. heh.

Member Application

Name (nicknames too): Dave, AngryDave, Jesus

Age: 21

Location: London and St. Catharines, Ont. Can.

Relationship Status: avoiding them like a fucking plague. people bother me when i'm around them for long periods of time.

Size (No, we don’t really care we’re just nosy): of my penis? or my whole body? body= 5'11" 150 pounds. penis=average-above average

Favorite color: black and white. or the colour of stupid snobby people doing pathertic things to amuse me. it's kind of a red colour.

Favorite type of music: emo? really anything. on an italian folk/rock thing right now. any indie shit. loving cuff the duke right now.

Describe yourself in three words: perfect.

What’s the bitchiest thing you’ve ever done: um. gotten into a fight with 2 80 year old ladies in a parking lot at a local mall. i've never been so proud as the day i called two old women "fucking cunts, fucking whore, fucking sluts, fucking bitchs" and told them "fuck you. you're going to die soon you nasty old twot." my parents were so proud.

The sweetest thing: bought an ex-girlfriend a henry mancini record, cuz moon river was our song and she loved it.

Why should we make you a Hot Ass Bitch: my pictures will speak for themselves. and i'm open to touching people, so i guess i'm always good for that.

What makes you a hot ass bitch: what doesn't make me a hot ass bitch? besides my disfigured face and racoon eyes, i'm the fucking shit.

So tell us, does your milkshake really bring all the boys to the yard: yes. and i put dog feces in it and they all got sick. stupid bastards.

And if so, is it better than mine: does yours have lady drippings in it? cuz then it might be better.

Do you even like that song: no. trick me is good. and kelis is cool. sweet videos. as i alays say, a video with orange, silhouettes, and arrows in it is very good.

Promote us to at least one person or be executed: cato

here's me:


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