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Come back brain; please choose...

It ticks...
Slowly though...
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if you're going to post pics here, baldy
you should put stamped in the tag line

because i don't know whether you're applying or not
I'll go and change it!
thanks baldy
you're welcome
i love that last picture, it reminds me of that alanis morissett video when theres 4 of her in the car

I was fairly pleased with the way it came out! Albeit, rushed and coming second to a study in texture I wanted to do, but could not because I couldn't darken the room enough- such is life!

You're so hot and bald. :) Anyone ever tell you that you resemble Moby??? *rubs yours bald head*
Not Moby but I get that Chester guy from Linkin Park a lot- especially when I had great big fuck off spikes in my hair!

I like my head rubbed- I do it to relax...
you look so sexy and angsty. =) it's probably not the effect you wanted to achieve, but you look so gosh darn cute!

I've just posted something new actually. We've had two power cuts tonight- too much time to think without sound or light isn't too good- Bah!

Glad you like...
LOL the last pic looks like youre kissing your own head...or was it supposed to look that way?

I LOVE the effeeect...hotness dahling ;)
It was indeed supposed to look like I was kissing my head and give my self a curious look!